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Meridian Integrated in Lethbridge focuses on the causes of your illness and chronic pain. That opens doors to finding real solutions and bringing you back to whole body health.

Using modern and traditional methods, we help you find your unique path to healing, health and wellness. From general medicine to unique therapies for cancer care, chronic pain, and long term medical conditions, Meridian Integrated is dedicated to the combination of medication, therapy and treatments that address your unique needs.

Meridian Integrated Health & Wellness Centre - our clinic

Our Medicine

Integrative medicine is to combine multiple medical disciplines such as western medicine with alternative or complementary treatments in the effort to treat the whole person. In an integrated approach, practitioners recognize that when appropriate, it is more preferable to utilize less and more gentle treatments. Furthermore, it recognizes that every patitent is individual and no single philosophy of medicine can provide treatment for every patient nor disease. Integrated medicine focuses on prevention of disease, promotion of health and wellbeing as well as effective communication between doctors and patients.

Meridian Integrated Health & Wellness Centre - our medicine